Paver Driveway Installer Duluth, MN

The days of being limited to having plain asphalt or concrete driveway are gone. The advances in paving technology with concrete pavers in recent years has been a game changer. Pavers offer a completely unique twist to the typical driveway by bringing unique colors and individual paver design which can be laid in shapes and patterns that cannot be done with asphalt or regular concrete. With a paver driveway, the possibilities are truly endless.

Your Local Paver Driveway Experts in Duluth, MN

Few aspects of a property make more of a lasting first impression than the high-end look of a custom paver driveway. No single paver is exactly the same and this brings an unrivaled design element to your driveway. In addition to creating a stunning entry to your property, a paver driveway is incredibly structurally sound. Concrete pavers can withstand the tests of time including Minnesota’s extreme hot and cold weather, moisture from rain and snow plows when properly installed.

We offer a immense amount of high quality paver styles and colors to choose from different brands such as Techo-Bloc, Rochester, Borgert and more to insure your project is enjoyed for many years too come. Our experienced hardscape designers will help you select the ideal paver type that matches your landscaping, flows well with the color of your house and your desired style.

Our Duluth MN paver driveway project design, build and completion process is nearly identical to our paver patio and walkway process with the exception of the excavation and base prep which requires much more material than a patio that is suited for light use.