Residential and Commercial Lawn Service in Duluth, MN

Save time and make your property look its best spring through fall with our weekly lawn mowing services. We provide our clients weekly mowing services and cut your grass at the optimal height based on current weather and individual turf needs.

Not only do our mowing services create an effect in your lawn that resembles a major league baseball stadium’s outfield, but with our knowledgeable team – your lawn is in trusted hands with superior mowing techniques that result in overall healthier turf and an unmatched finished product.

Our service is unlike anyone else’s. No lengthy contracts, no fuel surcharges and tricky stipulations. No loopholes or hidden fees. You be the judge, if you aren’t completely satisfied with our work then you can look elsewhere without being trapped into a contract.

All Lawn Maintenance Services Include

  • Mowing

    We mow the grass at a seasonally appropriate height and also mow at different angles, when possible. Our blades are sharpened EVERY night, not just once per week, for a fresh and healthy cut at each property.

  • Trimming

    We string trim all obstacles including fencing, mailbox posts, etc.

  • Edging

    We edge all concrete boundaries weekly such as sidewalks, patios, and curbs, on a as-needed basis. Our professional edging is done by a stick edger, not a weed eater.

  • Blowing

    Before we leave your property, we blow off all paved and hard surfaces. This includes upper decks, patios & balconies.